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Eight Mediterranean: a new restaurant franchise focused on serving mouthwatering, healthy food: fast.

Eight Mediterranean incorporates the Eight Coffee Lounge, Eight Wrap and elements of Eight Döner - each of which can be independently operated. Each concept representing an exhilarating opportunity to serve the UK high street with food that is sustainable, healthier, more diverse, and more inclusive than anything currently or previously on offer. 


Eight presents food that is served fast yet would not look out of place on the menu of an upmarket gourmet restaurant. A style and ambience that are effortlessly casual and accessible to any age group or demographic. A brand that is unmistakable in the quality it delivers. 


The brand presents a strong, viable and uniquely placed alternative to the restaurants, coffee shops and fast- food kitchens currently available on the high street and is open now to investment from franchisees and businesses worldwide.

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Rice dish on a rectangular plate


Why is 2024 the right time for Eight Mediterranean?

In light of recent developments, the online food delivery and on-demand economy is set to increase to a staggering $200 billion over the next 4 years. Eight has positioned itself to take advantage of this development - including entry into cloud kitchens.


Eight also harnesses the world's rapidly growing desire for healthy food, offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals whilst serving meat options that are low fat, ethically sourced and delicately prepared with high-quality ingredients.


Become acquainted with founder Huseyin Sevket and take a closer look at what makes the Eight Mediterranean brand.

Doner wrap with salad and chips

Fresh food fast, not fast food

The Mediterranean diet has long been associated with healthy living. Perfectly marinated ingredients - lightly chargrilled for freshness and flavour, and vibrant in colour - delivering a slice of sunny shores, breathtakingly blue oceans and a lifestyle that is centred on family, living simply and naturally, sharing what you have and enjoying the time you have.


Customers will enjoy all the benefits of the laid back, sunshine lifestyle, wherever they may be.

The concepts that comprise Eight

Founder Huseyin Sevket has envisioned five key concepts, with Eight Mediterranean serving as the overarching brand that incorporates the other four.

Eight Mediterranean (Master concept incorporating all) - A3
Offering a selection of the very best of Turkish / Mediterranean cuisine, using only the best quality raw materials, beautifully presented.

Eight Coffee Lounge- A1
A selection of teas, coffees and snacks making for a traditional taste of Turkey, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Eight Döner- A3, A5
Poised to stand head and shoulders over its rivals in terms of taste, healthiness, and sheer wealth of options for all dietary requirements and palates.

Eight Wrap- A1

Stripping away the density of a traditional sandwich or burger, the wrap provides ample opportunity to pack in as much flavour and culinary creativity as you can.

Eight Smart

Representing the next generation of food service - innovative range of smart foods - check out the Eight Smart page.

Eight preserves the culinary tradition of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine (Turkey, Greece, Syria, Israel, Lebanon).

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Take the opportunity to become a part of this revolutionary new restaurant franchise.


Phone: +44 (0)7708 854 816

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