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Range of rice pudding dishes

An introduction to Eight Smart

Eight Smart represents the next generation of plant based, low calorie low carb food service – an innovative range of internationally inspired Smart Foods and Drinks that give a serious health kick, without sacrificing the flavour.

watercolour painting of two aubergines

Almost-zero calorie, almost-zero carb meals made from the remarkable ingredient that is konjac fibre. We use only fresh fruit and vegetables. No additives and no flavourings – ever.


All Eight Smart meals are vegan or vegetarian, although a piece of grilled meat, chicken or fish can be added to complement your meal, as required. Eight Smart has also developed a range of meals that include meat for those ‘flexitarians’ amongst you!


Eight Smart provides a range of ambient and fresh chilled microwaveable products for retail and fresh cooked products on ghost kitchen platforms for home delivery and available in the Eight Mediterranean restaurants.

spaghetti bolognese


The pictures on this website are just to give an idea of the Eight Smart range, We are always happy to discuss specific recipes, menus or requirements.


Our services include:

  • Bespoke Eight Smart products (ambient or fresh) – we will work with clients to incorporate Eight Smart foods into the client’s existing menu, with minimum interruption and cost. 
  • White label - Eight Smart can develop a range of exclusive products under the client’s own brand / name.
  • Specialist food service - Eight Smart will work with catering industry operators, to provide a ‘healthy range option’ within their food service. 


Our low-carb, low-calorie muffins really do taste as good as they look. Just the right levels of density and moistness combine with decadent yet nutritious flavourings to create a mouthwatering range of savoury and sweet muffins that you can eat without any guilt whatsoever.

cupcake buns
Mixed salad with rice


If you've ever found yourself feeling as though salads are a little boring...a little should get ready to redefine the way you see this is famously healthy yet often-under-appreciated meal. Konjac rice & noodles combine with an array of delightful, hand-picked herbs, leaves, fruit, veg and dressings to create salads that are low in calories and almost zero carb - yet still utterly delicious.


As far as the Eight Smart team is concerned, savoury need never mean "plain". A host of international flavours - from the Mediterranean to the Far East - come together in our konjac rice & noodle-based savoury dishes to provide a tantalising taste that's utterly appetizing and healthy.

Mediterranean rice and veg dish
Fruit salad dessert


Have past diets left you gazing longingly at the dessert cabinet, tormenting yourself with things you want but can't have? With the Eight Smart snack/dessert range, there's no reason not to treat yourself!


Smoothies are much-loved for the intense hit of healthy fruit and veg that they deliver. But they also tend to be loaded with sugar and are not always the healthy option they're cracked up to be. Not so with the Eight Smart smoothie menu! Enjoy all the benefits of a great smoothie without worrying about carbs or calories.

Smoothie with cucumber garnish
Assorted fruit and nuts
Eight Mediterranean Restaurants Ltd logo 2

 If you like what you see and would like to invest in Eight Smart, please ask for a Pitch Deck !


Phone: +44 (0)7708 854 816

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