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The Eight business model
Building a fresh food franchise that is innovative, recognisable and profitable.

Eight Mediterranean introduces the best of Mediterranean culture to the high street, making finely presented Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine accessible to all. Vegans and vegetarians, meat lovers, foodies and casual diners alike will be drawn to the 

Eight Mediterranean brand, which encompasses Eight Coffee Lounge, Eight Wrap and Eight Döner.


With quality ingredients, innovative concepts and a commitment to a truly excellent dining experience, we will bring something unique to the modern dining sector.

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The restaurant business is one of the simplest and oldest business concepts ever devised. Yet, whilst the notion of cooking and serving food for the public may be simple, in practice restaurant management can be a complicated affair!


Restaurant operations encompass all the elements of any other retail business including stock management, inventory control, financial control and staffing, whilst also adding a bit of artistry, necessary in the creation of exciting menus and appealing dishes. And so, operational efficiency is key to a successful business - and that's where Eight Mediterranean will continually and proactively deliver. 

Pricing and Profit


Priced between the main competitors and those established by the market

Offering available to all levels of disposable income


High-quality menu

Ambient environment

Our business model is designed to deliver. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to become your own boss, we recommend that you get in touch.

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A modern approach to a traditional model

It has long been an established trend in high street catering to rely on one product alone, and to tweak that product to suit different tastes. Eight will break the mould by remaining receptive to a variety of recipes. The menu structure will allow for the seamless introduction of new products that appeal to an increasingly health-conscious clientele without alienating the more casual diner.


This diverse range of services, including a traditional fresh cooked breakfast with choice of teas, will set Eight apart from the competition - with an attention to customer experience that is truly unique.

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You could play an instrumental role in taking our brand to the next level.


Phone: +44 (0)7708 854 816

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