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Humous an lemon dish, with various vegetable round the table for decoration

Delve into the Eight brand
Eight Mediterranean, Coffee Lounge, Wrap, Döner and Eight Smart

Eight has been carefully designed to appeal to both the UK and international markets. The master concept of Eight Mediterranean incorporates the Coffee Lounge, Döner and Wrap menu items, and will provide a combination of counter and table service. Branches will also be licensed to sell alcohol on and off premises. 

As part of "Eight Mediterranean's" commitment to healthy eating, Eight has also developed a range of plant based low calorie, low carb products (fresh chilled & ambient) for retail, e-commerce and home delivery - Eight Smart 


What makes the franchise such a dynamic, accessible and attractive prospect is that each aspect of the brand can exist as a standalone entity. It all depends on location! That means franchisees can set up Eight Coffee Lounge (A1), Eight Döner (A3, A5) and Eight Wrap (A1) to hone in on their target customers and cater specifically to those customers' tastes and budget. Also, all Eight products are perfectly positioned for on-boarding with ghost kitchens for home delivery service.

watercolour painting of a branch of olives
Eight Mediterranean

Unlike other indigenous cuisines, Mediterranean food is a product of shared culinary trends and is influenced by a diverse group of people who lived along the Mediterranean Sea. While Mediterranean dishes are a unified culinary tradition, the cuisine itself isn’t ruled by a specific culture, and in fact demonstrates a huge amount of variance in cooking.



The characteristics of Mediterranean food are heavily influenced by location and climate. The warm temperature in the region yields bountiful harvests that shaped its vegetable-dominant dishes. Olive trees are scattered amongst the region, hence the prevalence of the production of olive oil and the preservation of olives in jars. 


Eight Mediterranean offers a selection of the very best of Turkish / Mediterranean cuisine, using only the best quality raw materials, with special attention being paid to the preparation and presentation of the product, as well as the healthiness factor. Eight will also offer an attractive breakfast/coffee shop menu, which will not only compete with the burger chains, but more importantly the cafes and coffee shops. These are currently the most popular venues for eating breakfast out of home. 

Two shish kebabs, on top of pitta bread
traditional Turkish sweets
Eight Coffee Lounge

The first coffeehouses, originally called qahveh, appeared in the Islamic world. They appeared in the Arabian Peninsula, in the 15th century, then spread to the Ottoman Empire's capital of Istanbul in the 16th century. Coffeehouses became popular meeting places where people gathered to drink coffee, have conversations, play board games such as chess and backgammon, listen to stories and music, and discuss news and politics. They became known as "schools of wisdom" for the type of clientele they attracted, and the free and frank discourse they encouraged.



Various legends involving the introduction of coffee to Istanbul at a "Kiva Han" in the late 15th century circulate in culinary tradition, but with no documentation.



The first coffee shop in England was set up in Oxford in 1652, and more generally coffeehouses also became meeting places where business could be carried out, news exchanged, and government announcements read. Lloyds of London had its origins in a coffeehouse run by Edward Lloyd, where underwriters of ship insurance met to do business. 


In Victorian England, the temperance movement set up coffeehouses for the working classes, as a place of relaxation free of alcohol, an alternative to the public house (pub). 


The comfortable Eight Coffee Lounge provides a selection of teas, coffees, and snacks, for a traditional taste of Turkey, and continues the trend of providing a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where people can meet, socialise, and do business.

Eight Doner

The döner kebab originates from Turkey (Anatolia) and translated means "to turn or rotate”. The concept of shawarma was invented later in the 19th century and quickly gained popularity as it was adopted by various societies. Shawarma (which also means "to turn or rotate”) is essentially the same principle as the döner kebab but with a different recipe, and is found all over the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Europe. Interestingly, other countries that also have a shawarma-like product e.g., the Greek (“gyros”), and the Armenian (“tarna”) all have the same meaning. Döner kebab is traditionally made with perfectly marinated lamb and is served wrapped in a warm pita / flat bread.



Throughout the years, this dish has gained popularity due to its taste and convenience. With its unique, palatable flavour, the döner kebab is truly a gastronomic treat that has captured the taste buds of people all over the globe.


Eight Döner key considerations:

Lower labour costs – robotic machines – not requiring skilled labour 

Consistency of product & minimum wastage 

Simple operation 

Fast Service - takeaway & delivery

The Eight Döner menu includes a range of starters, dips, salads, main dish salads, döner burgers, sliders, sandwich delights, wraps, specialties and more.

With daily dishes and special offers, it provides a fantastic alternative to traditional burger chains, offering healthy food for an increasingly health-conscious populous.

entree dish of food
restaurant quality breaded chicken wraps
Eight Wrap

The wrap feels like a very modern sandwich, reducing the stodge and allowing for more creative fillings. Wraps give you the opportunity to jam-pack your meal full of healthy ingredients, enticing flavours and complementary textures, to really give your dishes the wow factor.


Make a change from the typical sandwich bar with Eight Wrap. We use a combination of favourite flour tortillas, lavash and pita breads to make a delicious wrap, perfect for a quick, healthy lunch to eat in or on the go.

Eight Mediterranean Restaurants Ltd logo 2

Eight: a meticulously designed brand with mass appeal, poised to take the high street by storm.


Phone: +44 (0)7708 854 816

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